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  • 3 minutes
  • 17/04/2023

Cheshire and Merseyside
Integrated Care System

Getting started with Social Value: what the onboarding process looks like

Cheshire and Merseyside Integrated Care System (ICS) is a newly formed health partnership with a large range of stakeholders to coordinate. Social Value Portal was able to provide a smooth onboarding process to successfully organise the delivery and tracking of the organisation’s Social Value.

It is our mission to be able to clearly evidence an efficient means of delivering Social Value as well as communicating the positive impact that our actions are having on residents in the area.

Dave Sweeney, associate director for partnerships and sustainability, Cheshire & Merseyside Integrated Care Board (ICB) 

Cheshire and Merseyside ICS was the first of the new ICS partnerships to sign with Social Value Portal for help with delivering its Social Value strategy. This involved; streamlining its process and creating Social Value measurement frameworks tailored to the ICS and its members’ priorities.

The partnership is formed of the Cheshire & Merseyside ICS and 28 sub-members -7 of which are currently onboarding – each with their own stakeholders. Coordinating with each entity to manage, deliver and report Social Value across the partnership is an enormous challenge for a newly formed body.

Keeping lines of communication open

Social Value Portal met with the individual stakeholders to gather key information early in the process. Briefing sessions designed specifically for Cheshire & Merseyside ICS’s sub-members were held so we could learn more about their needs. Progress was fed back to other groups within the partnership, keeping everybody aligned at each stage.

The briefings fed into the creation of a unique version of the measurement framework, the Social Value TOM System. Designed to enable users to be completely transparent, the framework has been specifically tailored to the ICS and its member’s collective priorities. It reduces duplication and workload by opening up opportunities for suppliers and providing detailed reporting methods for all stakeholders.

This has resulted in the ICS being able to work collaboratively – rather than as individual organisations – to report on Social Value, with a common set of KPIs and key metrics. As the ICS grows, the teams will work together to continuously develop best practices with the ongoing support of Social Value Portal.

Social Value training sessions

Social Value Portal has provided training for each sub-member on best practice when embedding Social Value into the procurement process. It is accompanied by expert guidance on managing, measuring and reporting direct Social Value outputs in line with the agreed framework.

A consistent, scalable solution

Each member of the ICS is able to access one consistent, scalable solution through Social Value Portal. All stakeholders can now determine what Social Value has been created, track delivery and identify opportunities to further increase Social Value contributions to local communities.

Social Value Portal has enabled the newly-formed ICS to:

  • save valuable time
  • upskill their teams around Social Value
  • increase buy-in.

As the first ICS to sign with Social Value Portal, we are in a strong position to demonstrate how it is possible to work collaboratively and expediently, delivering on the overarching Social Value policy that all 28 members are working with.

Dave Sweeney, associate director for partnerships and sustainability, Cheshire & Merseyside Integrated Care Board (ICB)