Case Study: Harrow Council

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Case Study: Harrow Council

Harrow Council and Social Value Portal (SVP) work together to pilot a Social Value assessment tool on a tender for the renovation and refurbishment of a council property in Harrow.

The SVP procurement platform was used to assess the Social Value of each bid based on a set of Themes, Outcomes and Measures (TOMs Matrix) developed by Harrow Council. Each bidder successfully completed the assessment with offers varying from +3 to +57% (£51,000 to £780,000) Social Value-add (SVA).

Key findings include:

  •  A 100% submission rate using the SVP procurement platform from the bidders was achieved. This means that social value requirements can be integrated into normal procurement processes at almost no extra cost.
  •  Financial weightings are important in signalling priorities to suppliers.
  •  A Social Value scoring system to measure and compare bids can be easily developed.
  •  Social Value can be delivered without adding to the core project delivery costs.
  •  Due to the pilot’s success, Harrow Council will further engage with SVP to consider how its use maybe extended across all of their contracts above £100,000.The findings and lesson learned from the pilot are being used to develop a similar approach for Brent Council.

‘’With the localisation of business rates being implemented over the coming years the importance of the local economy to Councils will greatly increase, therefore providing a greater focus to local businesses through social value is essential’’

– Terry Brewer

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