December 2017


Implementing social value into public-sector procurement alone could add an additional £60 Billion benefit to communities. The National Themes Outcomes and Measures (TOMs) Framework for social value measurement has been launched at the National Social Value Conference in Birmingham 14th November, where the speakers included Chris White,

"The suppliers are starting to think more about aligning what they are doing with the gaps that we have, and that cooperation is where the real magic of Social Value is." Surrey County Council’s ability to unlock Social Value in procurement is admirable, and this is in no small

The Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) are a measure of relative deprivation used to rank neighbourhoods across the UK. Deprivation is essentially defined as ‘a lack of…’, and the IMD is intended to offer multidimensional information on material living conditions in an area or neighbourhood based on a

This month we have taken our research on Social Value abroad! The country that was the focus of this piece of research is Canada. It was great to see how many Canadian organisations, a mixture of not for profit, voluntary and social enterprises, are involved

Leading by Example – A series of interviews with some of the leading innovators pushing for Social Value in procurement with the aim of sharing their knowledge and inspiring others to follow their lead. In this feature we spoke to Haydn Brown, Head of Procurement Strategy

The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 was implemented in January 2013. It’s already widely used within public sector procurement to build stronger and deeper relationships with suppliers and deliver more value to local communities. However, the Act is not yet being used within the planning process and as