Media Sector

We need your support to make the Social Value Act a reality rather than a dusty tome sitting on a backroom shelf!

It strange that after almost two years, that most Public Authorities do not yet have a strategy and some have not even heard of it! See our survey here

The Act has the potential to transform the relationship between civil society the third sector and business

We want to make your life easy and The Portal gives you access to The Listening Tree, allowing you to identify stories and issues that may be relevant to your specific media needs. This is free to use.

What we think would be useful to you:-

  • What are the local issues
  • What are communities saying
  • Which businesses are delivering the most social value
  • Which Local Authority and Public Sector organisations have developed their own Social Value Strategies and how do these compare
  • Contact points and good practice case studies
What you might also need

  • More information¬† about how social value can be mapped and measured
  • Contact points and good practice case studies
  • Data mining
We hope you will engage with us through our Blog and Forum. Challenges are welcome and of course a social media storm always helpful if it promotes more responsible Business and happier communities.