The Community 360 hub – Our Geospatial Meeting Place

Community 360 is a meeting place for everyone using the Social Value Portal, public or private, corporate or community. Please register for free to view the map, and get in touch to upload your information to the map or to start identifying how to focus your Social Value strategy on local needs and opportunities.
The Community 360 hub is layered by sector; search to quickly identify your target organisation or region.
  • Central Government
  • Fire & Police
  • Health Services
  • Housing Associations
  • CCGs
  • Local Authorities
  • Communities
  • Charities
  • Social Enterprises
  • Consultants
Use the Community 360 hub to identify the policy makers in your area, and where available find information, contact details, and policy guidance documents indicating local priorities. If you’d like to understand more about local public sector priorities in your area, then get in touch with us about our Local Intelligence service, at

Then, use the hub to find identify local public sector bodies, and start to understand the particular needs of an area. If you’d like to know more about this, get in touch with us about our Local Needs analysis service, at

Finally, use the hub to find potential partners for delivering Social Value in your area. The hub will be updated frequently with new partners around the country. If you would like your organisation to be added as a delivery partner for Social Value, please get in touch with us at

The Listening Tree Excerpt

Community 360 provides a geospatial resource for tailoring public and private sector social value strategies to specific local needs. Please Register for access.

How can the Community 360 hub help you?

Public Sector
The Listening Tree provides a single point of access to upload your social strategy and other social value policies and guidance. In turn this allows a single point of access for organisations that may wish to better understand your social value strategy and objectives to ensure that they can add social value within the commissioning process where it is needed.
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We provide you with a single point of access to Public Sector Social Value strategies and objectives along with the information, guidance and tools that you will need to measure the Social Value that you bring to your commissions and ensure that you meet the objectives laid out within the Public Services (Social Value) Act. We also provide a meeting place where you may form partnerships with community providers to improve your Social Value Chain.
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We have developed a unique platform where you can layout your specific community needs and requirements and meet the businesses that may be able to support you in the development of your community projects.
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Community 360 allows you to meet Business and let them know what you do within the communities where you work. Through the Portal we hope that you will be able to forge new social partnerships.
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Social Enterprise
The Portal will allow you log your business onto our Geospatial Map, to upload a brief description about what you do. You will also access information about how you may measure your Social Value. If you wish to use the tool for Business development, then we provide you with access to measurement tools and worksheets to allow you to do this.
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If you provide Social Value and Impact Services and wish to showcase your consulting business and meet potential customers you will be able to register on our site. If you wish to learn more about Social Value, then we can also be able provide with advice about measurement solutions and techniques along with training.
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We need your support to make the Social Value Act a reality rather than a dusty tome sitting on a backroom shelf. Please use the Portal to learn more and hunt out stories that may be relevant to your specific media needs.
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The Community 360 hub is being constantly updated with new information. If it does not contain the information you need please contact us directly at