Consultancy Sector

We welcome all consultants who wish to learn about Social Value and how you can work with your own clients in the delivery of Social Value solutions.

We are keen to build market capacity and would be pleased to register you on our site so that you may meet other potential clients and customers.

You may also wish to join us as one of our Delivery Partners with whom we work to deliver solutions for potential clients. Where possible we look to match local consultants with local needs. To find out more please contact us directly at

If you are a consultant who are working with or wish to work with other organisations advising them on the measurement of their social impact we provide you with a range of guidance and solutions:-

What you will need to know

  • How to measure social impact and social value creation
  • Public sector corporate and social value objectives – what are they looking for?
  • Relevant KPIs and Metrics
  • Specific community organisations and needs to help you develop the social value strategy for your clients
  • Contact points and good practice case studies
What you might also need

  • Methodology for mapping business activities against public sector targets
  • Methodology for measuring and reporting Social Value and Impact
  • Financial proxies and other costings
  • Social Impact measurement tools
  • On-line training and qualifications
The Portal delivers

  • Public sector corporate strategies in standard reporting formats
  • Summary of relevant targets, KPIs and Metrics for each local authority
  • Measurement tools and calculators
  • Good practice case studies
  • Access to on-line training
Want to get noticed?

If you want to get noticed and raise your profile, we would be happy to feature you on our site. For rates please contact us on