What is the Social Value Portal?

The Social Value Portal is the UK’s first on-line geospatial meeting place for Business, the Public Sector, Charities, Social Enterprises and Communities. The Social Value Portal has been designed to bridge the gaps in our collective knowledge, to become ‘the place’ where Business comes to learn about social value; understand public sector targets; listen to communities and meet third sector providers in order to promote better business and new social partnerships.

‘’ The Public Services (Social Value) Act requires Public Authorities to consider Social Value in the procurement & commissioning of their services and has the potential to transform the relationship between Business, Civil Society & the Third Sector’’ Hazel Blears MP

IF YOU ARE A SUPPLIER invited to enter your Social Value for a specific Contract or Bid, please Register as a Supplier.To enter your Social Values, please login here.

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Public Sector

The Social Value Portal will provide you with advice, insight and a single point of access to organisations that may wish to better understand your social value strategy and objectives to ensure that they may can add (social) value where it is needed within the communities that you represent


We provide you with a single point of access to Public Sector Social Value strategies and objectives along with the information, guidance and tools that you will need to measure the Social Value that you bring to your commissions and ensure that you meet the objectives laid out within the Public Services (Social Value) Act. We also provide a meeting place where you may form partnerships with community providers to improve your Social Value Chain.


If you are a supplier and have been invited as part of a bid or contract to outline your Social Value targets, or update your delivered Social Value, you can Register as a Supplier here to get started on measuring you Social Value.


The Portal allows you to meet Business and let them know what you do within the communities where you work. Through the Portal we hope that you will be able to forge new social partnerships.

Social Enterprise

The Portal will allow you log your business onto our Geospatial Map, to upload a brief description about what you do. You will also access information about how you may measure your Socal Value. If you are a for profit organisation and wish to use the tool for Business development, then we provide you with access to mesurement tools an worksheets to allow you to do this.


The Portal will provide you with all the information, worksheets and support that you will need to support your clients. You can also register as one of our delivery partners if you wish.

Social Value Measurement

So what is social value and how can it be measured?

In simple terms, Social Value may be defined as the net financial and non-financial value created by an organisation through its core business and community activities.

Unfortunately there is no one set way of measuring your social value creation and the sector is obscured by a white fog of possible solutions with over 1000 social impact metrics worldwide. The Social Value Portal offers you guidance on how to plot your path through this seemingly complex and often contradictory landscape. We also provide you with practical examples of some simple, cost effective and proven measurement techniques that you may employ to develop your strategy and to measure your social value such as Social Value Accounting, Social Return on Investment (SROI: 2002) and the Social Earnings Ratio (S/E: 2011).

What is Social Value